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We have moved the user authentication layer away from the web to a completely separate, more secure, out-of band channel. The SQID Secure Remote Access system is safer as the authentication and user identity layer is entirely off net. This movement means that authentication credentials never travel over the internet and cannot be inadvertently left on public terminals. The SQID remote access system provides immunity from attacks associated with tokens (such as Man-in-the-Middle – MiM), Smart Keyloggers and more. In addition, unlike SMS solutions, the system is immune from Phone Number Hijack attacks.


Utilising computer generated (IVR) calls to the user’s mobile phone provides multiple authentication means. Our entry-level PIN based solutions provide easy to use multi-factor authentication for customer access to your website. High end solutions incorporate Voice Biometrics and random elements which cannot be replicated utilising current technologies. SQID’s Voice Biometric product overcomes the potentiality of a recording of the user’s voice being used to compromise the system.

Back-end protection

We have also separated the Authentication system from your other systems. This logical separation ensures your user’s authentication credentials and your sensitive internal information are strongly partitioned. This means criminals need to compromise multiple systems to gain meaningful information. It also delivers ultimate privacy protection.


The system supports multiple outcomes. Users can even identify fraud as it happens.


The SQID remote Access System is quick to set up. It takes less than 90 seconds to setup new users, and as the system requires no management, despatch or replacement of tokens or other devices it offers a Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than tokens and other remote ID solutions.
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