10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Smart Merchant with SQID Payments

How easy it is to become a merchant depends largely on whom you choose as a payments processor and the risk factor attached to the industry you are in. Now you can’t change the industry but you can choose your provider.


10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Merchant with SQID Payments (Australia)
1. Identify how you are going to be taking payments. This may be through your ecommerce website, on the phone, on the road or over the counter or a combination of these methods. (You can take credit card payments anywhere and at any time with SQID)
2. Do you want to take payments using a mobile, tablet, website or any combination of the three? (You can do this with SQID and have as many active users as you want at no cost)
3. What sort of payments do you want to take? Bills, Sales, Advertising, Business?
Do you want the choice of single or subscription based payments and the ability to refund payments? (The SQID suite of products can be customized to suite your business needs)
4. Do you want a payment process that has no overheads, no set up costs or application fees where all products and services are freely available once you become a merchant? (SQID ticks all of these boxes. We want you to come on board as a merchant so we don’t charge you to do so)
5. Visit SQID Payments and review the merchant rates to determine which rate suits your business model.
6. Apply to become a merchant! It is a fee- free process and in most cases can be approved within 24 hours. If you get stuck filling in the application form just give us a call on (07) 33939187 and our friendly staff are always happy to help answer any questions.
7. Your development team can access our API and get plug-in details to learn more to make an ecommerce integration seamless if required.
8. If you are wanting to take mobile, over the phone or over the counter credit card payments our Virtual POS can be ready to use once your application is approved
9. You can also receive payments using SMS to send direct payment links to your customers to facilitate prompt payments once you become a merchant. Watch the video to learn how
10. Tap into real time reporting to better understand how your customers behave when they buy. Your customer’s purchase data can help you position your business to better communicate with your customer’s and encourage repeat sales.

At SQID we are always here to take your call, answer your questions and give you the customer service that you have been looking for. Apply to become a merchant or contact us

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