3 Easy Steps to Convert Your Advertisement into a Sales Generation Tool

Is your advertising measurable…not by audience but by sales? When you embark on a marketing campaign you put a lot of effort into creative, calls to action and monitoring progress to ensure that you get a desirable result. Ultimately the result we are all looking for is conversions or sales that not only justify the advertising spend but create growth in revenue flow for the business. Your business can now customize this experience using the SQID Advertiser’s Ecart Application.

A Picture Could Sell a Thousand Products or Services

Step 1
Create a product or service to sell in your advertisement or to send via SMS or email to your customers.

add a product
Step 2
Embed the link in your digital advertisement that carries your ‘hero’ product or service.

ecart 5
Step 3
Your customer clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ call to action which takes them to your payment page where they can buy 1 or more of the product and choose the nominated delivery options. Once purchased the customer receives a receipt via email and SMS (if you nominate this notification process)
Learn more about how the SQID Advertiser’s Ecart can work for your business. Make your advertising pay for itself and then earn your business money.

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