5 Ways to Accept Credit Card Payments Where and When You Want

Your business will continue to change and you need a credit card payment process that is available where and when you need it to be.
5 Ways to Accept Payments Where and When You Want

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In your advertising: Are you frustrated at only being able to accurately measure your advertising audience when what you really want to know is how many sales you are making directly from that advertisement? Now you can access the SQID Advertisers Ecart which enables you to create a purchase directly from the ‘hero’ product or service in your advertisement. An SQID Advertisers Ecart is an express shopping cart. One product but you can buy as many of that product or service as you want. Great to encourage foot traffic, gift purchase, introduce a new product or clear floor stock. The application is only limited by your imagination!  Want to learn more?


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Out On The Road: Your sales team or franchisees are out on the road and need a payment option to take the payment, process the payment and send the customer a receipt via email or SMS? You can do this using a tablet or smartphone for each of your operators.

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Over The Phone: Your business takes orders over the phone and it would be convenient to take payments for pick up or delivery when taking the initial order. The operator takes the payment and the customer will receive a receipt via email or sms which they can present to verify the purchase on pick up or delivery. You can do this using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Over The Counter: Your business takes credit card payments over the counter but doesn’t want costly monthly overheads for hardware to facilitate payments? You can take credit card payments seamlessly using your desktop or tablet over the counter with the receipt sent via email or SMS immediately to your customer. Eliminate paper and overhead cost from the payment process.

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On your website: Does your business have an online shop? Do you want competitive merchant rates, seamless integration and great customer service and support? This process can be lengthy and costly. By integrating with our API or plug –in your developers will have all the information they need to make it happen easily.

If you are looking for a payment processor that can set up your merchant account and get you processor while offering all of the above products and services then please either apply now to become a merchant or contact us at SQID Payments to get started.

  1. grafolburde says:

    You can manually enter credit card payments which is termed no card present. Square charges a slightly higher percentage I think.

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