Accelerating Business Growth through Split Settlement Automation











Settlements that are flexible for merchant disbursement are integral to multiple stakeholder growth. SQID Payments is able to provide multiple options for split settlement that is suitable for franchises, loyalty programs and partner business models. The reporting mechanism that the SQID Payments interface delivers provides both visibility and transparency for merchants to not only designate split settlement payment but also measures performance and productivity through real-time reporting: both key ingredients to accelerate business growth and market leverage using incentives in your market channels.

How does Split Settlement Automation work?    

When a business applies to become a merchant they have the option to structure the merchant agreement to create a split settlement option.













Why does my business need Split Settlement Automation?
If your business requires payments to be paid to other parties within your business model to recompense for services or products delivered the split-settlement automation empowers your business to ensure that every facet of your business model is recognized for their efforts through revenue share or incentive.

How does my business directly benefit by adopting Split Settlement Automation?
• Ensures that all stakeholders are operating to their maximum incentive potential
• Weak links in your business model process will be highlighted through Split Settlement Real Time Reporting
• Gives you the opportunity to address and reinforce your business model to maintain projected growth trajectories.
• Avoids the costly administration process required to distribute fees in a timely and auditable manner


Who would benefit by using Split Settlement Automation?

• Franchisor/Franchisee Business Models
• Community Organisations
• Sporting Bodies
• Reward/Loyalty Programs
• Reseller Programs
• Advertising Channel Revenue Appropriation
• Revenue Share Business Models

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