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Training plays an integral role in the economy developing and enhancing skill sets to enrich the workforce and empower growth. Determining what, where, how and why you should choose a specific pathway to facilitate your learning is delivered efficiently is important to accelerating your success.


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Is your training organisation or consultant geared for success?


Are you positioned to manage all your contact interactions seamlessly? You need to be able to efficiently manage your follow ups, opportunities, create mail merges for EDMs and email bursts and search your contacts categories to be able to grow you prospects and ensure that your client relationships are nurtured. Access VM Learning’s CRM Functionality Software for a FREE trial and learn how you can change the dynamics of your customer management to improve your training organisation.

Student and Client Management

The status of your students and clients is important to deliver services appropriate to the stage they have reached. A responsive and intuitive management system can enable you to ‘quick search’ this process and give you visibility of their current status. Participant lists for trainers to identify attendance information is vital to tracking completion for students and VM learning offers this as a feature in their Student and Client Management. Discover the benefits of the VM Learning Student and Client Management Software for FREE today for your training organisation.

Course Management

The power to set up a single day course or a face-to- face multi-day and multi-session program is now at your fingertips. aXcelerate offers a powerful training course management software that delivers course details and logistics, trainer management and course scheduling for you to author and co-ordinate. The efficiencies gained through the software enable your training organisation to become more effective and efficient operationally. Want to learn more….

Financial Management

Your financial management is vital to the success of your training organisation. To increase your efficiency and productivity it is smart to invest in software that can manage all of the financial aspects of your training courses and programs. Manage finance transactions, aged receivables and finance data exports to expedite your processes and reduce your administration overheads. Find out for yourself the potential of the aXcelerate essentials financial management software on a FREE trial.

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