Is customer friction affecting the health of your business?

Do you really know the symptoms that are causing your customers to behave the way they do?

Do your customers…..

Visit your store to buy your products?

Congratulations! You have a loyal customer base that visit your store and purchase your products because of the great customer service they get when they visit. They may pay a little more or go out of their way to pop in but you can depend on them right? What about the other potential customers that don’t visit your store or talk to your loyal customers about where, when and why they by the same product elsewhere?

Research how your products look,feel and work but don’t always buy?

These are the customers that ‘may never be’. These customers are not interested in buying from your store as they have found a better price online and want to touch and feel the product and find out all about it from your helpful staff before going home to buy the product for a better price online. Your sales staff need to recognize the signs, learn to engage with these customers and be able to negotiate with them a comparable price to secure the sale from the ‘may never be’ customer in-store. Once they leave the store it is unlikely they will be back to buy the product from you.

Browse your products and don’t want any help and don’t buy?

This customer is disconnected from your brand and is only interested in your product range and price. They may compare store to store or store to online to get the best price and believe that if they are thorough the time they spend browsing will be rewarded with the best deal and if they shy away from interaction. These buyers are ‘disconnected’ customers who arent interested in customer service and are the hardest to convert to an instore sale.
Seem interested in your products but leave empty-handed?
Not all customers want to share why they will not buy the product instore with the sales person. They may avoid the sales person or absentmindedly listen to their sales pitch and only engage in what they believe they need to know. These customers are the ‘I know best’ customer who has preconceived ideas on what they need to find out to make an educated decision on the product they want to buy but have no intention of buying instore. They will collate what they learn from their in-store visits (they will be visiting your competitors too), compare to online prices and then if they feel you are worth another visit will return if you are lucky only to see if you will drop your price they have found online to get the immediate gratification of taking the product home.

Complain that you are too expensive?

This is the ‘whingeing’ customer that believes that you are overpriced and they are ready to tell you about how much cheaper it is to buy your products elsewhere but have no intention of buying elsewhere. They want you to come to the party and offer them the same price or in a lot of cases a cheaper price to secure the sale from them. These customers will make sure you know how important their custom is for your store and the value of their word of mouth with family and friends. The ‘whingeing’ customer will buy your products if you let them successfully negotiate the price with you.

How many customers are you losing or that you are not reaching by only having a traditional shopfront or a shopfront with a website but no online store?
To cure your business of customer friction you need to learn to compete to be the place your customers can buy, when and where they want to buy and for a price that they are happy to buy.

Do you need help to build a website?
Do you need to add a shopping cart to your website?
Did you know it is important to be able to sell your products on a mobile phone?
Have you thought about using SMS to market your ‘must buys’ directly to your customers
Would it help your business if you could learn more about who your customers are?



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