Making a lasting commitment to your customers

We all like to think that our customers are loyal to our brand, but in reality today’s customer is more interested in ‘what’s in it for them’ and are quickly converted to shop with your competitors if the offer or lure is more enticing or advantageous for them.

Relationship economy

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5 Valuable Customer Relationship Tips

Reward your customers with benefits and offers

Customers love discounts, offers and other benefits and will by on impulse when these are offered. They are also a key advertising lure as your customers see that you are able to offer them more value for their money. They in turn will become advocates for your brand by promoting the offers on social media and through word of month…. both very powerful channels to spread the word about your brand and grow your customer base through positive referral.

Provide reliable and consistent customer service

If a customer buys a product or service from your business and finds that they have a problem or it is not the right choice they expect that you will understand and work with them to resolve this to their advantage. Post sale customer service is integral to this being a seamless and positive experience for the customer. If you create delays, debate the authenticity of the claim or deny refunds based on a rigid policy you may cause more damage as that customer will become disgruntled and that will be the message they relay through their network. Your customer service and resolution process is integral to your loyalty program.

Deliver what you promise you will provide

If you sell a bright, red, shiny ball your customer will expect to receive a bright, red, shiny ball. Advertising a product or service that is not really what you promote brings about distrust and once you have disappointed your customers they will hesitate to return, even if you offer another great benefit at a later time. The bad impression will be lasting.

Have meaningful conversations with your customers

Communicating with your customers is an art form. If you blast them on social media or spam them through email you run the risk of alienating them. Your customers want to believe that you have their best interests at heart and not your own. Start meaningful conversations with your customers that give them an outcome or reward. You can achieve your business objectives by positioning this conversation to also reward or deliver an outcome for your business. Less really is more when you develop a structured strategy that is measurable.

Surprise your customers
Everyone loves surprises, right? If they are good surprises this usually is correct but many businesses inadvertently surprise their customers by letting them down in one way or another. Because this is so prevalent you should make a concerted effort to not be predictable and create opportunities to genuinely surprise your clients by giving them something that they see worth in without them asking. It is a bit like a ‘pay forward’ process because when they are pleasantly surprised they will tell their story to as many friends and as many ways as they can because it will be so novel for them.
Taking the time to consider how your business interacts with your customers is vital to every other strategy you put in place for your business. If you do not have a growing, loyal customer base then you don’t have a growing business.

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