Making every transaction count

To effectively process and complete transactions you need to deliver a robust payment processing platform that is reliable and helps you to avoid downtime or disruptions for your transacting customers.


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3 Ways to Make every Transaction Count

If you transact in high volumes that peak at certain times this can be a recipe for disaster if you switch cannot handle the load. Many initiatives that have been launched have seen the success of the site be its downfall with many visitors shopping at the same time and collapsing the site before they can complete the transaction. A bad experience like this is not what your business wants to be known for.


When transacting we expect the process to be seamless and fast. When you purchase from a site and the transaction does not process instantaneously the customer will not receive the optimum experience. It is therefore important to ensure that with volume the speed of transactions is not impaired.

One of the dangers of high volume transaction traffic is reliability. Can the switch maintain service when processing large volumes in peak periods. Testing tools can determine if your current switch is working to its optimum and if not how it could be improved or upgraded with a smarter option.

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