Now your customers can buy your products when and where they see them advertised!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the best of both traditional and digital marketing channels and reach your existing and potential audience! To do that you need to recognize what the strengths and weaknesses of both channels are.

Relationships matter!

  • Traditional channels have an ‘intimate’ relationship with their loyal readers.
  • Digital channels offer ‘immediacy’ to its users

Content is ‘king’

  • Traditional channels can tell the story behind the story and create an ongoing relationship with its readers
  • Digital channels break news as it happens with bite size information feeding its audience’s hunger for information

Advertisers want to know that their advertising works!

  • Traditional channels command rate based on demonstrated circulation, distribution and/or readership figures and are strong performers with executing brand campaigns to create familiarity, trust and confidence.
  • Digital channels can demonstrate measurable and transparent reporting of advertising performance and are strong performers with impulse, frequency and visibility

Spend V Results

  • Traditional channels have always been recognized as trusted platforms. Subsequently they have charged their advertisers accordingly. Advertising through traditional channels has historically been synonymous with growing your brand and its performance: particularly in regional, rural and communities is still vital

…..audience is now transitioning, as is the advertiser

  • Digital channels have become an effective go-to-market conduit where advertisers can plan and execute a campaign that can target audience, time and device to meet the consumer where and when they are. Cost is manageable and measurable.

……..Consumer loyalty can be fickle and impulse largely drives interactivity and engagement

Convenience V Confidence

Traditional channels are seen as mainstays.  Most have been in their communities for decades and many have a proud history of over 100 years serving their communities.  This has always given advertisers confidence as traditional channels are recognized as stalwarts of their community and the place readers turn to for their news and information.

Digital channels are dynamic, responsive and convenient; delivering news and information on demand. The opportunism that exists for digital start-ups brings with it doubt of ethics and authenticity as more and more players come into this growing market.

A traditional channel that can adopt the immediacy and convenience of a digital channel becomes a dynamic choice for advertisers; that is both measurable and sustainable.

When you can deliver advertising that creates a ‘call to action’ that invites customers to engage, interact and consume you have advertising utopia!

Print m-commerce ticks all these boxes!

What is Print m-commerce?

Visualize that you are enjoying reading your newspaper and you see an advertisement where a business is selling a product that you want to buy and you see a product code that you can SMS to buy the product then and there on your mobile without turning on your computer!

 How does this work?

  1. You simply SMS the product code to the mobile number in the advertisement!  Easy and safe mobile shopping without going online
  2. Your mobile rings inn 30 to 60 seconds (depending on the network)
  3. You answer your mobile and you securely, safely and easily purchase the product. Initially you will be registered to effect the process but once registered you become a preferred m-commerce customer and you can purchase conveniently and confidently whenever your newspaper has an advertisement with a product code for a product you want to buy.  It’s that easy!

Is it a secure m-commerce solution for your advertisers and their customers?

  • SQID Payments delivers a higher than industry standard security factor
  • SQID Payments implements the solution so no software or hardware resource is needed to make it happen
  • SQID Payments is a master merchant with both Westpac and American Express
  • SQID Payments is powered by Westpac
  • SQID Payments delivers comprehensive reporting so you can measure your return on investment
  • SQID Payments can offer big data solutions once the m-commerce solution is established
  • SQID Payments ensures that the m-commerce solution is easy to use

….then call us on (07) 3393 9187 to discuss how we can increase the return on investment for your advertising dollars

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