TV shopping made easy using your mobile!


TV shopping is big business. Usually you can make a purchase by ringing the designated number or visit the website advertised but what if you could purchase by using your mobile and it did not matter if you were online or offline?

Now you can………..

It is easy to use SMS in your TV advertising to increase your ROI.  Let us show you how.

Step 1:

Your business includes a SMS call to action ‘line of text’ i.e. SMS BIKE to a designated mobile number

Step 2:

SQID Payment’s automated system calls the viewer’s mobile phone. The viewer enters the nominated amount to purchase the product that is advertised.
The viewer enters a security PIN to authenticate future purchases or donations, and enters credit card details for payment, and future transactions.

Step 3:

A tax receipt is immediately emailed to the viewer by SQID Payments on behalf of the business.

Step 4:

SQID Payments then passes the customer’s details to the business nominated email address and the funds process to the business’ nominated account within three working days less fees.

Step 5:

This process is simple, convenient and most importantly secure resulting in more impulse buying and completion of payment processing to make purchases.

Key benefits to consider using SMS shopping for your business on TV, in newspapers, magazines, bus shelters and other static advertising mediums.

  • Your business captures the impulse buy which doesn’t happen through the usual purchase process as it requires a viewer to go online or call a number.
  • Your business is able to measure and monitor performance which is absent now as there is no causative connection between the marketing effort and the final sale.
  • Your business is able to achieve cost savings for your business as now you need to employ operators to man a call centre or have extra sales resource to capture the sale.
  • Your business has less incomplete purchase processes which means more sales turnover for your business
  • Your business benefits from easy repeat business once the customer is registered with SQID Payments to pay using SMS to buy
  • There is no need for client based compliance
  • There are no overheads, software or hardware needed …just about everyone has a mobile
  • There is a full audit trail provided by SQID Payments
  • You do not need to chase up payments as the transaction is completed on the mobile

Why SQID Payments?

SQID Payments is one of the only provider who allows users to initiate a transaction via online or offline means and is the world’s most secure phone based authentication platform. This means that your customers can now transact safely, securely and easily across any media platform with their mobile or online. No barriers to making that sale!


  1. R Mackay says:

    I would like to organise for one of your technical pre-sales staff to meet with our development and sales staff regarding SQiD as a potential alternative payments gateway to our existing provider eWay.

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