SMS payments can be used as part of a smart marketing campaign to provide measurable return on investment with the inclusion of direct sales payment links to capture impulse buying.

Making sales using SMS

There is no doubt that mobile and SMS messaging are one of the most dynamic communicators to reach your customers, but how are you converting that reach into actual sales?

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5 tips to supercharge your business sales

Are you listening to your customers or too busy running your business? What are your customers telling you about why they shop with you and what are you doing about it?


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Every customer’s purchase tells a story….

What if you could execute an immediate and targeted SMS blast generated from data captured through what your customers have purchased online? How efficient and effective would that be for your business?

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Capture that sale!

Do you have a mobile phone?

This is all you need to start shopping where you see a product that you can buy using an ‘SMS to BUY’ promotion.

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