Data-Driven Payments

What is a Data-driven payment?

Data is something that we talk a lot about but is often not harnessed in the right way to improve the performance of a business. When we speak about Data-driven payments at SQID, we recognise the importance of including fields that your business can use to track the types of products and services your customer purchases from your company.

How does SQID support your business to create Data driven payments?

SQID offers free training to educate and inform your business as to how to use our Payment Manager Platform or implement through our open API to be able to identify opportunities in the following areas readily:

  • Target marketing to identify regular customers buying behaviours
  • Frequency of purchases of different types of products or services
  • Length of time to measure loyalty for a product or service
  • Prompt transaction behaviour aligned to the delivery of a product or service

Data that is contextual is compelling and often under-utilized. SQID supports you to uncover this hidden way to power your business to increase your transactional behaviour.

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