BP-CardEdit is EFTlab’s latest addition to its BP-Tools freeware suite. BP-CardEdit is a file viewer that allows users to see and understand the content of Thales P3™ input and output files. (The Thales P3™ is a HSM security device used for migration to EMV smart cards from magnetic stripe cards.) BP-CardEdit helps card issuers to understand the content of files used by the Thales P3™, which is essential for all related analytic operations.

BP-CardEdit Features:

  • View P3 Input/Output files
  • Get statistics file modules
  • ASCII modules parser
  • EMV Tree data parser
  • Multi-platform support (All POSIX-compliant systems & MS Windows)

BP-CardEdit features coming soon…

  • P3 Input/Output file editing
  • Card data import into BP-Sim for EMV card mock-up testing
  • Card data import into BP-SeeEMV for EMV card for mock-up testing
  • Extended USB reader support for physical card data import
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