Why set up a sandbox account?

Your business is growing, and you are getting ready to release your website, app, or other platforms that need to integrate a payment solution to convert the customer journey. A FREE sandbox account lets you test your platform end to end with the SQID Payment solution to ensure that everything works the way you need it to.

You can also use the customised modules in our open API to ensure that your brand is consistent throughout the customer journey to deliver continuity while building trust and reputation … all before you even consider launching.

When you are happy, you can activate your merchant account, and SQID will process your application to enable you to start transacting.

Set Up Your Account

Setting up your account is easy. Once you fill out a few fields, you are ready to get started. SQID will contact you to answer any of your questions and to ensure that you optimize your sandbox experience. We want you to feel welcome and supported, even in our test environment.