How can you change the bank account we deposit your funds?

You will need to provide SQID with a scan of your new bank account listing the Name of the company, address, BSB, and Account number.  Please allow one business day for the process to be changed over.  Payments already sent cannot be changed.

What happens if there is a change to my business structure?

SQID may be alerted through our ongoing merchant checks. However, it would be best for you to contact us immediately.  We may contact you if the change is significant (directorship, ownership, organization type), and you may be required to complete another ID Verification process.

How do I change the ownership of a SQID account?

You will need to advise your SQID Customer Service Manager, and they will facilitate the change process.  This may involve the new ownership completing the onboarding and verification process again.

How do I close my SQID account?

You can either contact your SQID Customer Service Manager directly or send an email to

How are refunds managed after a SQID account has been closed?

Once your account is closed, if you require refunds to be performed, you will need to alert us by sending an email to with the original transaction date, Receipt ID, and amount.  We will also require the amount you wish to refund the cardholder to be paid to us before the refund being processed.