Getting Started

How can I create a merchant account with SQID?

Applying for a SQID account is easy. Simply set up a sandbox account and activate your account. When you activate your account, this triggers your application process. We will review your application and advise you of the outcome as soon as possible. You can assist with this process by being proactive with what is needed to complete the process. 

What happens after I submit my application?

When you activate your account, we will contact you to fill out your application, verify your account and where you want your funds deposited. Once you have completed this process successfully, you will be able to start processing transactions.

Why am I experiencing a delay with my application for a merchant account?

Most delays happen when your business has not provided the correct information in your application to enable it to be processed, or you have not completed the identity verification process required to ensure by our compliance team. If you have any questions regarding any delays, simply email us at

How can SQID support your business?

All new merchant accounts are assigned a customer service manager. Your customer service manager is the person who you will train you, and nominated members of your business, to use the SQID platform to ensure you can use all features that deliver the payment solutions you need for your business. Your business will have access to our Support Ticketing system where your email inquiries are answered promptly by our team of sales, onboarding, and technical specialists to be there when you need us.