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It’s easy….

Click on the icon that ‘best fits’ your business

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… take advantage of the FREE offers that are customised to your business to accelerate your sales.

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… using our SQIDPayments API or WordPress payment gateway plugins into your platform.


…accept credit card payments on any smartphone.


… to accept all major credit and debit cards on mobile, desktop or tablet.


… right there when you need us, by phone or email.


…tokenisation to accept credit card payments for subscription and SaaS businesses.


…real time credit card payment fraud detection.

Accept all major credit and debit cards now…

Full and easy integration

Seamless payment solution integration using our SQIDPay API, payment tokenisation, installing our WordPress gateway plugin or though most ecommerce payments platforms.

Real-time fraud prevention

We help you check and monitor your payment transactions in real-time to prevent fraud.  We provide a comprehensive set of risk management tools to suit your specific risk requirements.

Card payments

Accept major credit and debit card payments processed on your website or our virtual payments POS terminal, with funds settled to any Australian bank daily.

Trusted by

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We focus on solving your payment problems and simplifying your business for both you and your customers. Less hassle for your customers makes it easier to do business and that means more referrals and happier customers.

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Westpac Banking Corporation

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Frequently Asked Questions

[reveal title=”Does SQID provide a Merchant ID or do I have to go to my Bank?” color=”teal-lite”]SQID Payments is accredited as an aggregator for Westpac Bank so we issue your merchant ID, usually within 24 hours.
So no need to go to your bank for a merchant account and you don’t need a Westpac account either.
This means there is no extra cost to you for both a gateway AND a merchant account.
We settle merchant funds from credit card payments daily to all Australian banks.[/reveal][reveal title=”Will I receive settlements into my account or do I need to request them through the payment gateway account like the others?” color=”teal-lite”]

SQID Payments process settlements from the credit card payments you have accepted directly into your nominated Australian bank account every banking day.

[/reveal][reveal title=”Does SQID charge a monthly fee per account or per user?” color=”teal-lite”]

SQID Payments does not charge a monthly fee per merchant account, there is no software or hardware and you can have as many users as you need.  So there is no additional cost for taking credit card payments over the phone or your field staff accepting credit card payments on mobiles.

[/reveal][reveal title=”My bank deposits a lump sum for EFT to my account daily. Can I see individual customers payments using Virtual POS?” color=”teal-lite”]

SQID Payments Virtual POS offers real time reporting and using reference numbers identify sales campaigns and specific products.  This means you can better understand your customers buying behaviour and are able to communicate better and generate more sales using the V POS and SMS and email marketing tools.

[/reveal][reveal title=”What is a payment gateway and virtual terminal?” color=”teal-lite” css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]A virtual terminal is a secure internet connection which businesses can log into to process all major credit cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, American Express). It is similar to a standard credit card terminal (that you would find in your local store), except that a virtual terminal uses a computer or smart phone and a secure Internet connection to process payments.
A virtual POS terminal is for businesses who want to capture and process credit card payments from customers over the phone or face to face.[/reveal][reveal title=”What are the benefits of a SQID payment gateway and Virtual Terminal?” color=”teal-lite” css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]The virtual terminal is accessible from ANY computer or mobile devices with an Internet connection.
NO additional software is required.
NO additional hardware is required.
NO integration is necessary.
Multiple staff can utilise the virtual terminal simultaneously at no additional cost per terminal.
Process all major credit cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard and Amex)
Simplified and automated reconciliation and reporting.
Robust security with SSL data encryption and fully PCI-DSS compliant.
Reduces your PCI-DSS scope and compliance efforts.[/reveal][reveal title=”What can I sell using the SQID gateway?” color=”teal-lite”]Sell products on your website and accept credit card payments.
Take credit card payments over the phone, like Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Sell products, services and subscriptions and accept credit card online payments.
Invoice your customers and include a direct credit card payment link for them to pay buy credit card online.
Take mobile credit card payments while visiting clients or at the markets.[/reveal][reveal title=”High Risk Merchant Account” color=”teal-lite”]High risk merchants and high risk merchant accounts may be subject to individual assessment.
High risk credit card processing for businesses that may have pre-payments.
High risk ecommerce merchants may include businesses selling nutriceuticals, subscriptions, health and beauty, online gaming, online auctions, etc.
Merchant rates for high risk merchants are based on the business risk profile.[/reveal][reveal title=”How do I accept credit card payments on my mobile?” color=”teal-lite”]SQID Payments allow you to use multiple mobile phones for taking credit card payments.
There is no extra fee for each mobile to accept credit card payments.
Multiple mobiles collecting credit card payments can use a single merchant account.[/reveal][reveal title=”How does credit card payment tokenisation work?” color=”teal-lite”]SQID Payments provides credit card payment tokenisation.
This allows developers to build and use secure tokens and create single click to buy ecommerce platforms.
For more details see the Developers page[/reveal]

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