The process for trading SQID Technologies Limited shares is outlined below.

Review the Low Volume Market Introduction and Important Notices.
Review the current Register of Sellers and Buyers and Recent Transactions.
Register Your Interest to buy or sell SQID Technologies Limited shares.
After you are a Registered Buyer or a Seller, you may request that SQID Technologies Limited provides you with details of any Seller or Buyer. To request this information contact the Company Secretary.
Complete the transaction by completing a TRANSFER OF SHARES and return it to the Secretary.
The matching, negotiation and execution of any transaction that occurs will take place between the Buyer and Seller without any involvement from SQID Technologies Limited. Settled transactions will be processed by SQID Technologies Limited ‘s share registry. Once the transaction has been added to the Registry, the Company Secretary will then update the register of sellers and buyers.

Click here to see the Register of Buyers and sellers on the Low Volume Market
Click here to Register Your Interest in Buying or Selling SQID Technologies Limited shares on the Low Volume Market.
Access the online Registry click here.

If you have any queries about this process, please contact our Company Secretary at the address below.

The Company Secretary

SQID Technologies Limited
PO Box 1299
Aspley QLD 4034
Telephone: 1800 69 77 27

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