Investor Information

Who are we?

SQID Payments Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of SQID Technologies Limited an unlisted public company that was founded in 2006 (originally as Qpay) to develop technology for the secure authentication of transactions like ecommerce, credit cards, loyalty programs and other short duration transactions in the transactions industry.  The business has diversified into merchant services, ewallet, direct debits and SMS marketed payments following a major restructure in late 2013 and early 2014.

What do we do?

Merchant services

SQID has a focus on helping their merchants grow their sales by combining great marketing solutions with leading edge transaction technology.  SQID provides intelligent back end payment solutions to software vendors that need connection to the banking system.  This allows our partners to focus on their sales channels and not worry about loosing control to a bank.  SQID provides merchant services to businesses that want to process Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards from their website or through our Virtual POS.  This is available as either the user authenticated over mobile or normal merchant services, including recurring and other token based payments like “one click to buy” solutions.

Transaction management products

Marketing tools for connecting merchants more effectively with their customer by email and SMS.  Tools for testing and managing transaction systems, including switching, simulation, cryptographic generators, EMV analytics, training and transaction authorisation.

Why Invest?

  • Solves a major problem for software vendors that need a payment connection for their clients
  • Multiple revenue streams from transactions and marketing – therefore multiple exit options or spin offs;
  • Patents granted in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and more pending;
  • Mobile payments are predicted by IDC to grow to over $1 Trillion by 2017;
  • Growth in payment authentication over mobile is a major enabler to this growth;
  • Strong technology base, good cash flows and low overheads.

Recent results

Download FY17 Audited Financial Statements

Download the 2017 AGM Shareholder Briefing Presentation

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Shareholder testimonials…

Dear Peter
Following my introduction to Qpay [now SQID] in early 2008, I have continued to grow my investment in what I have always considered to be a very viable payments and security solution to a rapidly growing market segment. I have a history of 35 years employment in the financial services sector working for both Australian and International Banking Institutions and clearly recognise the value of the SQID proposition. In recent months, I have fully supported the move towards diversification of the SQID strategy to offer a range of services to compliment the company’s patented security technology.
I believe it is this new strategy that will open up many avenues to generate revenue which will make us a real commercial enterprise and where appropriate, open doors to the security component of our offering.
I firmly believe in this opportunity to generate the return on our investments we have all been patiently anticipating for quite some time. I view the change in company strategy as a new venture built on a base of very good technology but broadening our product offering to compliment the original proposition.
In my 6 years as a SQID investor, I take real comfort in the fact that current management has a sound understanding of the market opportunities and that the intended proceeds of this rights issue will be predominantly directed towards revenue generating assets and activities to take the business to profitability and commercialisation. While I cannot afford to take up my full entitlement, I have no hesitation in participating in this offer to support all fellow shareholders realise a return on our investments.


Dear Peter,
I have taken up my full entitlement in Qpay [now SQID] SHARES as I believe in this venture it is important that we all work as a team to get the company back on track.
I am a retired Bank Manager and I fully understand the future opportunity this system represents in the financial world.
I have been impressed with the plan that you have put in place with the assistance of other staff and I now believe we are heading in the correct direction.
I understand the start up complexities with a new business, Cash flow is so important and this is why i am backing it because I can see the great opportunity if we can just push over this last little hill, I fully understand that I get my money back if the start up minimum investment sum is not achieved. I believe if we all do not push forward as a team our current existing investment could be damaged as at the present moment we have done all the ground work and have in place a system which has plenty of upside in the future of electronic mobile commerce. At the end of the day ‘No Gain with No Pain’.
Thank you Peter for processing my share entitlement yesterday 27.3.2014. I understand the hard work you are doing at this point of time.
Good Luck with things.

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