Logging Into Your Account

Where do I get my sign in details?

You receive your login details to Payment Manager via email once you have completed the SQID Verification process, and your application has been successful. This email goes to the email address listed on your application process. Want to make changes or add another email simply raise a support ticket at support@sqidpayments.com.au

Where do I get my API information?

We supply your API information in an email. You will receive once your application is complete and approved through the SQID Verification process. You can find our API documentation at https://sqidpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SRP/pages/1605671/API+Methods

How do I set up new users, and which authority should I give them?

Setting up new users can be done through the Payment Manager. For your business’ safety and security, there are multiple levels of access available. There is no limitation on the number of users you have in the system. We always suggest that you give everyone in your organization a different login. When you do this, you will be able to manage risk within your company as this will provide you with visibility of who, what, when, and where transactions are processed.

To access users simply go in Payment Manager to;

Various levels and access information

  • Administrator: Only one account has full control and options in the Payment Manager.
  • Operator: First Level access – General transaction processing and reporting.
  • Accounts: View Care and Debit Transactions. Process Direct Debits
  • Manager: Access to more options such as Merchant Tools, Analytics, Chargebacks & Payment Pages
  • View Only: Transaction search and “view only” level of access.

How can I cancel an existing user in Payment Manager?

This process only able to be executed by a user who has administrative privileges.

Log into Payment Manager with Administrative privileges.

  • Find the user
  • Press DELETE button

How can I reset a forgotten password?


Press the FORGOT PASSWORD button on the Payment Manager sign-in page.

This feature resets the main Administrator account only (not any sub-accounts). Please enter the merchant code, and email address used to register the account. If a match is found, a link will be sent to reset your password.


General User

This feature can only be undertaken by an Administrator.


Select the user that you want to reset the password for and simply click the Edit button. The new password can be entered from this screen.