Mobile/In-App Payments

What is a Mobile/In-App Payment?

The adoption of mobile is now seen as the preferred browsing platform and, consequently, one that you need to be able to use to convert your customers. SQID supports your business, enabling you to use your mobile device to take payments without a physical terminal.

SQID also specializes in supporting business models that offer in-app ‘marketplace’ platforms that may require split settlements or support referral programs, typically where it takes more than one business to deliver a product or service. SQID offers a secure in-app payment solution integrated through our customizable open API

Where would a business typically use mobile payments?

Businesses that benefit from adopting a mobile payment solution may need to take payments. Below are some examples

  • Mobile sales
  • Technicians
  • Tradies
  • Expos
  • In-app marketplaces
  • Markets
  • Pop Up Events
  • Pop Up Retail

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