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5 reasons aXcelerate is the right choice for your RTO!

aXcelerate is an innovative student management system that is run entirely from the cloud and is mobile friendly. The system intuitively handles all aspects of running an Australian training organisation and ensures that users are compliant with government standards such as AVETMISS and USI.

aXcelerate also integrates with popular education and financial applications to provide a flexible and customisable software solution for training organisations and RTOs.

aXcelerate is built around smart system linkages between prospects, clients, learners, trainers, courses, accreditations and finances to keep your business running intelligently

aXcelerate is the only choice for the most efficient student and course management. The automation of administration processes saves hours and resources. Mobile and cloud based software are key to innovative solutions in learning and aXcelerate delivers both. Our specialist implementation and setup team are here to support

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Axcelerate has partnered with SQID Payments to complement their smart student and course management system by streamlining their payment process to give students a seamless experience when transacting

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Bucqi is a patented (patent pending) loyalty and mobile payments platform that is both customer and merchant centric.

5 reasons why Bucqi works

  1. Bucqi allows customers to pay for goods or services by simply scanning a QR code using their mobile minimizing customer friction to engage and participate.
  2. Bucqi gives customers the opportunity to participate in loyalty programs while transacting seamlessly and securely using the SQID Payment Gateway to make their purchase.
  3. Bucqi removes the barriers for merchants to participate with no additional hardware or upgrades necessary in most implementations.
  4. Bucqi offers merchants and customers a secure, simple and transparent way to make payments using their mobile device while being rewarded for doing so.
  5. Bucqi has partnered with SQID Payments to provide a secure and cost effective payment gateway for their merchants. SQID Payments supports Bucqi by facilitating existing merchants transactions and integrating new merchants to enable them to transact promptly and securely once they have engaged with Bucqi

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Impact Factory is the brain child of James McNamara who was inspired to educate managers and business owners to become the best leaders they can be. James teaches that leadership needs to be applied to many areas of business – leading strategically, leading teams, leading customers and becoming a thought leader.

Impact Factory delivers workshops, keynote presentations and coaching.  James philosophy is that “leadership is the antidote to every business problem”.  By knowing how to positively influence the thinking and behaviour of team members, clients and prospects business owners and managers can make real and measurable progress towards their goals.

James gives practical insights guaranteeing that you will leave his presentations and workshops informed and inspired to make a difference.

Like Impact Factory, SQID Payments is an avid supporter of the SME sector. SQID payments offers a suite of payment solutions. These can be integrated to assist in streamlining business processes, growing sales, reducing administration overheads and improving overall cash flow.  These areas coupled with leadership and sales are the primary areas of concern for many SME’s today.

SQID Payments sponsors selected Impact Factory themed presentations bring awareness and support the business owners is attendance.  James’ next themed presentation is titled “How to Have the Best Year of Your Business Life’.

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EFTlab develops electronic payments software solutions that are revolutionizing the payment industry.

The EFTlab product suite has been are purposely created to meet and grow with the constantly evolving and dynamic payments environment. Solutions include payment processing tools and customized payment switch development.

EFTlab has a wealth of experience in its team with over 100 years of experience between them working in the payment industry globally.

The team has developed a suite of electronic payments tools are user friendly, simple to understand and easy to use.

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iPage Media is an innovative digital publishing house that showcases magazines and books using an application that animates, engages, entertains and involves the audience.

iPage Media delivers new ways to engage with your audience. The suite combines state-of-the-art text solutions with video, audio, animation, and other collaborative features to design customer-centric experiences that animate your brand and promote interactive experiences with your audience.

As a valued partner, iPage Media offers its magazine advertisers the opportunity to sell their products or services directly from their advertisement in the magazine application with an embedded SQID Payment customized link. This smart link takes the customer to the prepopulated advertiser’s payment page to buy what the advertiser is promoting in their advertisement. All the customer has to do is enter their credit card. It is now easier than ever to secure a return on your advertising dollar with direct sales.

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