Payment – Credit Cards

How can I send a link for different types of payments?

You can send a payment link to a customer to make a payment for many different types of transactions, including:

  • Invoices
  • Promotions
  • Deposits
  • Services

There is no limit to the number of individual and customized payment pages that you can create.

How do you create a Payments Page within the Payment Manager?


To view the link and send to a customer:

How can I send an SMS to my customers to make a payment?

Within Payment Manager:

SMS->Add the link from Payment Pages in Message Content box.

You can do this on an individual basis, or an excel file can be downloaded into the system with multiple phone numbers, names, and custom fields. The template for this download is located at the top of the screen. You can find this when you go to SMS in the Payment Manager.

You can create payment page links and upload a list of customers, then simply hit send for the SMS message and link to be sent to all your nominated customers. This type of delivery is excellent for target marketing to previous customers where you identify a common transactional demand or for collection of invoices using the cut-thru that only an SMS delivery offers.

How can I protect my business against credit card fraud

SQID works effectively to ensure that you mitigate your fraud risk. You can send us an email or make time to speak to your account manager on ways we can help you minimize your risk.

 Some simply ways we suggest includes:

  • Educate your customers on what the descriptor for your company will appear on their bank statement.
  • Be wary of repeated failures of transactions on the same card.
  • Repeated refund requests
  • Limiting of overseas transactions
  • Limiting of transactions for various overseas companies
  • Receive email alerts for transactions that indicate a high-risk factor

What will my customers see on their bank statements?

Your customers will see SQD*Descriptor on their bank statements. The descriptor is an 18-character long name that includes your business or legal entity that we set up during your onboarding process. E.g., SQD*Your Company.

How can I send customers to SQID to make a payment?

You can use our payment pages or bulk upload option to enable your customer to make a payment.

How do I refund a customer?

Log into the Payment Manager.  Search for the transaction:


Once located, press the REFUND button for the transaction. Refunds can partial or full amount of the original transaction.

Can I cancel a refund?

Once a refund is performed on a card transaction, it is processed in real-time, and there is no cancelation of the refund possible. So, make sure that when you press the refund button for the transaction in the Payment Manager that you want to perform a refund.