Payment Pages

What is a Payment Page Payment?

If you are looking for a payment solution that will enable you to send out invoices or maybe create promotions where your customer can pay you using a payment page, then this is the payment solution you are looking for.

How do I use a Payment Page Payment?

Payment Pages are not reliant on your technology – so no website, no worries! You can access an interface that you can build and customise once you have a merchant account with SQID

Payment Pages can be delivered directly to your customers with a Payment link to make payment directly to your business.  They then receive a receipt, and you have visibility of where that payment is in your dashboard.

Where could I implement a Payment Page Payment?

Payment Pages can be built for a variety of purposes, and you will find applications throughout your business once you become familiar with its capacity to assist you in converting merchants

Key areas where merchants use payment pages are

  • Promotional Payments
  • Invoice/Bill Payment

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