Press Releases

  • Canadian Patent granted to SQID Technologies Limited

    SQID Technologies Limited provides intelligent backend solutions in transaction processing through a host of partners.  SQID is an aggregator for card payment terminals, ecommerce, direct debits and custom payment solutions for front end payment solution partners.  The Canadian patent relates to SQID’s out of band two factor authentication solution. Two factor authentication provides a much higher level … Read More

  • European Patent granted to SQID Technologies Limited [formerly Qpay Holdings Ltd]

    SQID Technologies Limited provides intelligent backend solutions in transaction processing secured through authentication of “card not present” payments. This provides a higher level of security than “chip and PIN” and is easily used in a remote context in both online and offline capacities. SQID’s telephony based IVR interactive authentication has patents granted in the USA, Australia, Singapore, … Read More

  • Franchises adopt SQID Payments solution to reduce fees and administration costs

    Franchises looking for a low cost tool to improve their cash flow and reduce admin for franchisees have welcomed SQID Payments Virtual POS payment tool that can be used on both desktop and mobile. Virtual POS also delivers real time reporting and management tools for master franchise and their franchisees. SQID Payments is an upcoming … Read More

  • Innovative Payment solution delivers measurable ROI for charity and business alike.

    The partnering earlier this year of SQID Payments and SavinGreen has successfully delivered an innovative payment solution for a Melbourne – based call centre to support and facilitate a trial for a fundraising campaign SavinGreen undertook with a major Sydney based medical research institute. The fundraising solution is currently being delivered by SavinGreen and gives….. … Read More

  • SQID Payments appointed as exclusive Asia Pacific Region distributor for EFTlab

    SQID Payments can now deliver a new generation of software for the payment industry SQID Payments Director, Peter Hall, when asked why SQID Payments was partnering with EFTlab with an exclusively agreement in the Asia Pacific Region acknowledged “The payments industry is evolving rapidly as it faces the challenge of bringing progressive EFT payment technologies … Read More

  • QPAY embraces change and innovation under new leadership – press release

    Qpay re-positions as a major technology provider with SQID Technology Executive Chairman of Qpay Holdings Limited, Mr. Peter Hall has been appointed by shareholders to take Qpay’s established, patented and trusted technology to the market.  The business’s new strategy is focussed on providing a wider range of transaction retailed products and services using their new … Read More