Franchises adopt SQID Payments solution to reduce fees and administration costs

Franchises looking for a low cost tool to improve their cash flow and reduce admin for franchisees have welcomed SQID Payments Virtual POS payment tool that can be used on both desktop and mobile. Virtual POS also delivers real time reporting and management tools for master franchise and their franchisees.

SQID Payments is an upcoming payment service provider that has focused on the franchise market and released innovative payment tool that benefit both the franchisor and franchisees by providing a complete payment management solution.

Peter Hall from SQID says “The Virtual POS payment tool has been a great low cost solution for franchisees to take secure online payment on their mobile phone or on their desktop”. When we first launched the Virtual POS product we assumed that our competitive rates and not needing a merchant account at your bank would be the most important feature, but we were wrong…. our merchants are telling us that the comprehensive transaction reporting that substantially reduces admin costs is a huge saving.”

A school photo franchise using the service has commented that using the SQID Virtual POS has significantly reduced their admin time for processing card transactions.
SQID Payments is a subsidiary that emerged from the recent turnaround of Qpay Holdings Limited (QHL). QHL is an unlisted public company that has global technology patents used in secure remote access, authorising online payments and SMS based payment security. SQID Payments also provides SMS initiated toll account topups for the AirportLink M7 tollway in Brisbane and has provided similar solutions for major customers like Travelex.

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  1. R Mackay says:

    I would like to organise for one of your technical pre-sales staff to meet with our development and sales staff regarding SQiD as a potential alternative payments gateway to our existing provider eWay.

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