Innovative Payment solution delivers measurable ROI for charity and business alike.

The partnering earlier this year of SQID Payments and SavinGreen has successfully delivered an innovative payment solution for a Melbourne – based call centre to support and facilitate a trial for a fundraising campaign SavinGreen undertook with a major Sydney based medical research institute.

The fundraising solution is currently being delivered by SavinGreen and gives…..

• Call centre agents the ability to securely enter card payment data as part of their outbound donations campaign.
• Call centre agents the ability to set scheduled payments to secure ongoing donation commitments from donors.
• Call Centre agents access to real time reporting and management.
• Call Centre agents the ability to manage donor transactions that decline or need to be refunded or changed.
• Call Centre managers the ability to measure individual and group call centre performance.
The teaming agreement that was put in place earlier this year between SQID Payments and SavinGreen has delivered a mutually beneficial service delivery across diverse sectors of business including charity and SME ventures.

SavinGreen Managing Director, Elizabeth Sigston stated, “SQID Payments and Saving Green working together is common sense. Together we are offering a service that demonstrates a measurable return on investment for each business we engage with”.

“SavinGreen creates sustainability at no extra cost to our clients. We do this by providing services that Individuals and Business use every day and off set our sales and marketing by planting trees through Carbon Neutral, now an Australian “profit for purpose” organization, or by offering “Greener” alternatives. SavinGreen provides a full range of competitively priced Telecommunications Services, Business Solutions, and Energy Services (Gas and Electricity Brokering). SavinGreen also have a range of Australian Designed LED Dimmable Downlights, which can be installed by simply changing the light globe. “

“Through our business model we provide a simple avenue that allows everyone to engage in change, effortlessly and without any extra financial cost. To date SavinGreen has contributed to the planting of over 30,000 trees.”
Peter Hall from SQID said “SavinGreen is an excellent working example of how SQID Payment’s is able to rapidly develop and deploy back-end payment solutions for the secure processing credit card transactions is critical to enable front end developers to provide innovative payment solutions to their clients”

SQID Payments is a subsidiary that emerged from the recent turnaround of Qpay Holdings Limited (QHL). QHL is an unlisted public company that has global technology patents used in secure remote access, authorising online payments and SMS based payment security. SQID Payments also provides SMS initiated toll account topups for the AirportLink M7 tollway in Brisbane and has provided similar solutions for major customers like Travelex.
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