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How long does it take for approval when I send through an application?

At SQID we always make it our priority to review all applications as soon as possible.  If you provide all the relevant information and complete the KYC request (sent to you once we have your application) then we will reply within 2 business days at the latest.

What do I put on the form when I don't have details on current card mix or volumes?

If you don’t have this exact information from your current provider or you are a new business, you can estimate the percentage of overseas cards you anticipate based on your marketing plan, and estimate the anticipated volume.

What types of cards do we accept?

SQID accepts all Visa and Mastercards issued worldwide along with American Express.  Transactions occur in AUD and must be settled into Australian bank account.

How long does it take to receive funds?

Funds are remitted to you in accordance with your letter of acceptance, if you are unsure or require further information please contact us at support@sqidpayments.com.au

How do I access Payment Manager?

Once you set up your sand box account you will be able to access Payment Manager.  When you activate your account, this will become live.

How do I view recent transactions?

To view any transactions, you simply sign into Payment Manager entering your dedicated sign-in email and password that you receive when your account is activated.  On the left-hand side of the screen use the drop down in Card Payments and select View Transactions.  In the search, area select either date range or other alternative fields.  All transactions for that search criteria will then be displayed.  There are options available for downloading the data in several formats should you choose.

How do I see what is to be disbursed to me today, or see details of previous disbursements?

Any or all disbursements can be viewed by logging into Payment Manager   On the left-hand side of the screen use the drop down in Analytics and select Settlements.  In the search criteria, you can then enter the required date range.  In the date range box, you can drop down to see particular filters already provided.

Can I manually process a payment?

To manually process payments, you would need to advise us that you required this facility when you set up your account.  If you haven’t done so and need to please contact us to discuss having this added to your account or included in your new merchant account. When you log into Payment Manager on the left-hand side of the screen use the drop down in Card Payments and select New Payments.  Enter information as required into the fields provided. Once you are comfortable that the information provided is correct hit the submit button.  Payment will be processed immediately.