5 reasons to adopt SQID Payments as an alternative payment gateway


SQID Payments is easy to integrate as an alternate credit card payment gateway for your web agency to adopt and offer to your clients as an option with no monthly fees which can be a barrier for your smaller or start up clients and the provision of comprehensive real-time reporting to give your client transparency and visibility.

SQID Payments Master Merchant/ Sub Merchant structure is ideally suited to franchise businesses and  e-commerce development agencies benefiting both  your core business directly.and your clients.

The top 5 reasons to adopt SQID Payments as an alternative payment gateway are …..

  1. SQID Payments has developed an integration engine that allow us to accept most of the existing payment gateway message formats for direct processing if needed.
  2. SQID Payments has a customized API that is readily available on request.
  3. SQID Payments offers no monthly fees as barriers to entry for small merchants to engage.
  4. SQID Payments provides a testing platform, developer integration support and activation processes.
  5. SQID Payments is Brisbane based and has a help-desk for support during and after implementation.

Learn more about how a business can become a merchant  or contact us to start a conversation to learn more about our Master Merchant/Sub Merchant structure and how it could work for your business. If you are looking for a low cost credit card processing for your website SQID Payments has a payment plan to suit your transaction volume

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