SMS/Email Payments

What is an SMS/Email payment?

SQID gives you the ability to create ‘payment links’ that deliver a payment page to your customer that can enable them to pay an invoice or buy a product or service. You can send these via an SMS or direct mail campaign or even include them in your social media promotions if you choose.

Why would I use the SMS/Email payment solution?

Do you spend a lot of time and money promoting your business with a poor return on investment? This is often due to not having a call to action to convert the sale when the customer wants to buy. With a payment link, the customer can purchase in the moment, increasing your chance of converting the sale.

Do you find you are spending a lot of time chasing outstanding invoices? This is a common problem in most businesses and can severely impact your cash flow. With a payment link, you can send out that invoice via SMS or email and get paid directly from the link that presents the customer with an invoice and payment option with your branding. The customer experience is not disjointed as the message and request are from your business.

Want to learn more about how payment links can convert more transactions into sales or payments? Contact us to discuss how!