• 4 steps to create sales using Payment Pages

    Payment Manager enables you to add or import your customer’s data to send them links to Payment Pages offering specific deals, offers or just the option to pay their account.  See how easy it is to grow your business’ customer retention and loyalty while creating more sales from existing customers. Step 1: Log in toContinue reading
  • 3 Ways Your Mobile Can Make You Money

    Image Source: www.itweb.co.za 1. Did you know your mobile sales team can become your mobile payment processors when they are with clients by taking deposits or payments when they secure a sale using a Virtual POS terminal on their phone or tablet. 2. Are your mobile tradesmen are taking payment details on paper and thenContinue reading
  • Making sales using SMS

    There is no doubt that mobile and SMS messaging are one of the most dynamic communicators to reach your customers, but how are you converting that reach into actual sales? 5 ways you can start using SMS to make sales with a click-to-pay link 1. SMS a click-to-pay promotion where they can buy a productContinue reading
  • 5 tips to supercharge your business sales

    Are you listening to your customers or too busy running your business? What are your customers telling you about why they shop with you and what are you doing about it?     Tip 1 Create a customer transaction database using a payment gateway that enables you to put a reference that identifies each andContinue reading
  • Invoice payment made easy using Virtual POS

    How much does slow payment of invoices impact on your business’ cash flow? Now you can send your invoices out via SMS or email using a customized link for each and every client. This link when clicked sends them to the client’s pre-populated Payment page where all they have to do is enter their creditContinue reading
  • Every customer’s purchase tells a story….

    What if you could execute an immediate and targeted SMS blast generated from data captured through what your customers have purchased online? How efficient and effective would that be for your business? Your customer’s purchase data tells you – • What your customer has bought • When the bought it • How often they boughtContinue reading
  • Is customer friction affecting the health of your business?

    Do you really know the symptoms that are causing your customers to behave the way they do? Do your customers….. Visit your store to buy your products? Congratulations! You have a loyal customer base that visit your store and purchase your products because of the great customer service they get when they visit. They mayContinue reading
  • Capture that sale!

    Do you have a mobile phone? This is all you need to start shopping where you see a product that you can buy using an ‘SMS to BUY’ promotion. Waiting for the bus to arrive? Bus shelter advertising is prominently positioned to capture your attention. What if it promoted a product that you wanted and you couldContinue reading
  • Now your customers can buy your products when and where they see them advertised!

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture the best of both traditional and digital marketing channels and reach your existing and potential audience! To do that you need to recognize what the strengths and weaknesses of both channels are. Relationships matter! Traditional channels have an ‘intimate’ relationship with their loyal readers. Digital channels offerContinue reading
  • TV shopping made easy using your mobile!

    TV shopping is big business. Usually you can make a purchase by ringing the designated number or visit the website advertised but what if you could purchase by using your mobile and it did not matter if you were online or offline? Now you can……….. It is easy to use SMS in your TV advertisingContinue reading
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