3 Ways Your Mobile Can Make You Money

3 ways to make money using mobile

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1. Did you know your mobile sales team can become your mobile payment processors when they are with clients by taking deposits or payments when they secure a sale using a Virtual POS terminal on their phone or tablet.

2. Are your mobile tradesmen are taking payment details on paper and then dropping them off at the office to be processed internally? Have you considered using Virtual POS to take payment at the end of the job simply by processing the payment on the tradesman’s mobile or tablet? A receipt will be sent through SMS or email when the transaction is successful.

3. Sending your business invoices can be laborious and timely to get a payment once you have sent out the paper trail. Now you can directly invoice your customers using SMS or email with a customized payment link that enables them to pay their invoice immediately. Adoption of the Direct Payment Invoices can increase your business cash flow and reduce your admin overheads. Once your client has paid their invoice they will be automatically be receipted and you will have the record in your system in real time reporting and receive settlement reports to correlate with your accounts.
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