5 tips to supercharge your business sales

Are you listening to your customers or too busy running your business? What are your customers telling you about why they shop with you and what are you doing about it?




Tip 1

Create a customer transaction database using a payment gateway that enables you to put a reference that identifies each and every product, service, offer, promotion or campaign. Be sure to capture mobile number so you can send SMS receipts and reduce chargebacks.

Tip 2

Capture your customer’s buying DNA when making sales through your Virtual POS with mandatory fields including email, SMS, name and reference ID.

Tip 3

Filter your customer transaction database to create a target market for a particular product, service, offer or campaign.

Tip 4 

Write a promotional SMS message that reflects why your customers like shopping with you and gives them a reason to do so again.

Tip 5

Create a customised payment link to be included in your SMS. This link sends your customers to a pre-populated payment screen to buy the product or service. All your customers have to do is enter their credit card and submit to make the purchase.

Real time reporting lets you see your business grow. What are you waiting for…start to supercharge your business today!


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