5 Ways Mobile Slashes Costs in Tolling

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Adoption of mobile using SQID Tolling Payment products and services to send tolling payment alerts and notifications reduces manual call centre costs, converting no account customers to automated payment clients and introduces automated pay-as-you-go for customers to access.

Just about everybody has a mobile and the convenience of being notified when your account is low or your tolling is in arrears with an immediate option to pay from wherever you are when you receive the message results in better payment outcomes for both the customer and the tolling business.

By adopting vendor identification and notification processes by utilizing secure mobile technology, SQID Payments offers high level mobile security and privacy protection. Our simple user-friendly mobile delivery platform scales easily to bring down costs, and offers the flexibility and customizability that will enable toll vendors to grow their business and adapt to future toll initiatives.

Tolling Payments are diverse and need to evolve to meet customer needs meaning new initiatives will be introduced as an ongoing process. Using the SQID Tolling Payment suite of products enables customization of solutions to suit products and services that are easy to implement quickly and seamlessly.

When you introduce an innovative and scalable product and service suite that is customized to meet the needs of the tolling industry you will quickly see the advantages in promoting the adoption of this technology to your customers. The impact on your tolling business is both measurable and sustainable delivering immediate cost savings in call centre costs, administration overheads and improving your cash flow. The more tolling payment products that you choose to service using the SQID Tolling Payment suite increases the opportunity to increase your profitability.

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