Capture that sale!

Do you have a mobile phone?

This is all you need to start shopping where you see a product that you can buy using an ‘SMS to BUY’ promotion.


Waiting for the bus to arrive?

Bus shelter advertising is prominently positioned to capture your attention. What if it promoted a product that you wanted and you could buy the product there and then?

Off to work in the morning on the train?

You choose to use public transport because it saves you parking but it gives you time to relax and enjoy the journey. You are conscious of the advertising on the station and on the train but
largely ignore it. What if you could buy what you saw while you were on the train using SMS?

Have you seen the growing number of promotions and touchscreens at your local shopping centre?

Do you drop into your local shopping centre after work on the way home to pick up essentials and often don’t really get the chance to get in-store and really ‘shop’? Conveniently positioned in
the centre you see an in-store promotion or touchscreen slide show for a store in the centre that catches your eye. You don’t have the time to visit the store but what if you could buy the
product they are promoting on using a mobile number using SMS to secure the purchase then and there? This would allow busy people such as yourself to do more with the limited time they have
available wouldn’t it?

How many times have you are stuck in the at a taxi rank waiting for a taxi?

The lines seem to go on forever and it is clear you will be waiting for some time. You play with your mobile to kill time and to amuse yourself to make it more tolerable. The taxis keep rollinginto and out of the rank as you wait and you notice a special being promoted on the back of one of the taxis that is leaving the rank. You have wanted to buy that product and the offer is great.Your phone is in hand and the advertiser has included SMS as an option to buy. You text and transact while you wait and the product is yours!

Are you the Mum or Dad taxi driver who takes the kids to and from sport on the weekend?

In between travelling between games you sit and cheer from the sideline. Sports clubs and your child’s team rely heavily on sponsors to support them and you see promotions on the field and off the field in the clubhouse where local businesses are promoting their products and services. What if an SMS option was available in the advertisement where you can buy the sponsor’s product on your phone while at the game. You simply text the product code and the transaction is completed quickly and securely. You have got the product you want through a convenient, easy and secure process while supporting the business that supports your children’s sport. It is a win-win for everone!

Think of how many other different ways businesses are advertising their products to you when you are out and about. The list is endless!

You can now buy products and services using SMS on your mobile phone! This is a secure, easy and convenient offline solution offered by SQID Payments.

5 easy steps to buy using SMS for the buyer!

1/ The business simply amends an existing advertisement or includes in a new campaign a line of text in the advertisement i.e. SMS ‘PRODUCT’ to a designated mobile number.

2/ You can then send an SMS message to buy from your credit card. This process is simple, convenient and most importantly secure.

3/ SQID Payment’s automated system calls your mobile phone

  • You enter the nominated amount to purchase the product that is advertised
  • You then enter a security PIN to authenticate future purchases and enter your credit card details for payment, and future transactions

4/ A tax receipt is emailed to you by SQID Payments on behalf of the business

5/ SQID Payment’s then passes your details to the business’ email and the funds process to the business’ account less fees.

Why is shopping using SMS revolutionary for business?

  • You capture the impulse buy which doesn’t happen through the current purchase process as it requires a prospective buyer to go online, in-store or call a number.
  • You are able to measure and monitor performance which is absent now as there is no causative connection between the marketing effort and the final sale.
  • You are able to achieve cost savings for your business as now you need to employ operators to man a call centre or have extra sales resource to capture the sale.

What’s in it for business that wants to advertise?

• You can drive impulse sales
• You have no incomplete sales
• You benefit from easy repeat business
• There is no need for client based compliance
• There are no overheads
• There is a full audit trail provided by SQID Payments
• You do not need to chase up payments as the transaction is completed

Why use SQID Payments?

SQID Payments allows users to initiate a transaction via either an online or offline means and is a secure phone based authentication platform. This means that your
customers can now transact safely, securely and easily across any static advertising platform with their mobile or online. No barriers to making that sale!

Want to find out more about how this m-commerce solution could work for your business?

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