Every customer’s purchase tells a story….

What if you could execute an immediate and targeted SMS blast generated from data captured through what your customers have purchased online? How efficient and effective would that be for your business?


Your customer’s purchase data tells you –

• What your customer has bought
• When the bought it
• How often they bought it
• What they paid for it

….giving insight into what they are interested in, how often they are interested in it and the price point they are happy to pay for it.

SQID Payments has streamlined the process for your customer to transact, giving you real time reporting that can identify buyer behaviour and the capability to filter your SMS marketing list accordingly and send directly to your loyal customers to reward them with offers that convert to repeat business

…..Easy, affordable and smart marketing with the cut-through that only SMS can deliver

5 easy steps to SMS blast your captured customer database using SQID Payments:

1. Your customers visit your site and buy your products and/or services
2. You have real time reporting through your merchant console that identifies your customer’s buying behaviour and where you have captured their mobile number through customer registration
3. This data can be filtered by date range, product/service ID and mobile number
4. Once you have determined the list of customers you wish to target you are sent to a page to compose your SMS
5. This page is not unlike writing a tweet whereby you type in your offer and a link back to purchase the product if you choose within the designated character limit.                                                                                                         Once you press SEND SMS this is automatically sent to your identified list

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