Innovation in tolling payments

The SQID Toll Payment System reduces manual call centre costs, converts no account customers to automated payment clients and introduces automated pay-as-you-go for cash customers.


Toll operators are always looking for new and innovative ways to streamline toll payment so it is easier and more appealing for toll customers. By reducing customer friction payment is more fluid and cash flow is more immediate.The overheads that exist with the traditional toll payment structure are high and one of the other attributes to innovating in toll payments is to deliver options that significantly reduce overheads such as call centre and administration costs incurred to enforce payments owing before they become a bigger problem and cost more to retrieve through collections.

The SQID toll payment capture system provides an optimal mix of highly efficient automated processes to back up vendor identification and notification processes by utilizing secure mobile technology. SQID technology offers high level mobile security and privacy protection. The simple user-friendly mobile delivery platform scales easily to bring down toll operator costs, and offers the flexibility and customizability that will enable toll vendors to grow their business and adapt to future toll initiatives.

The technology that SQID employs for its tolling payment solution is multi-factor authentication. Without multi-factor authentication an account cannot be accessed or a transaction cannot be performed fraudulently.

Currently SQID successfully delivers this payment technology to one of the largest toll operator in Queensland Australia, Airport Link,  and has done so since 2012, streamlining their payments with an SMS Top Up service.

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