Invoice payment made easy using Virtual POS

How much does slow payment of invoices impact on your business’ cash flow? Now you can send your invoices out via SMS or email using a customized link for each and every client. This link when clicked sends them to the client’s pre-populated Payment page where all they have to do is enter their credit card details and enter for the payment is made.

Step 1: Log in to Payment Manager


1. Open your web browser and open the link
2. After entering your username and password in the appropriate textboxes you can login in to the system by clicking on the Login button as shown above. Alternatively you can login into the system by pressing enter key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Choosing the ‘Payment Pages’ tab on the side menu


1. After successful Login you will be presented with the dashboard screen.
2. On the left of the page there are various menu items including ‘Payment Pages’.
3. You choose the Add Page in the Payment Pages menu items to proceed

Step 3: Creating invoice links for billing



1. After choosing the Add Page tab on the main menu you will see the screen above.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen to create your custom payment page (this only needs to be done once on the initial set-up) and then create bulk invoice links via SMS or email or to create a single invoice via SMS or email.
3. You will have the ability in the template to establish fields that you would ‘hide’ or ‘lock’ to customize your client’s experience.

4. In View Pages you can get the link for that new payment page for sending to customers via email or SMS using the Bill Clients function.

It’s that easy. Learn how to invoice your clients using SMS Billing 

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