Making sales using SMS

There is no doubt that mobile and SMS messaging are one of the most dynamic communicators to reach your customers, but how are you converting that reach into actual sales?


5 ways you can start using SMS to make sales with a click-to-pay link
1. SMS a click-to-pay promotion where they can buy a product or service as a red hot sales price!
2. SMS a click-to-pay promotion recognizing their loyalty by offering a product or service with a bonus
3. SMS a click-to-pay promotion that you can measure to see how many people are buying certain services or products
4. SMS a click-to-pay promotion to specific customers that have not visited your business for some time by offering a product or service at a price they can’t refuse
5. SMS a click-to-pay promotion to prospective customers that you have on your database to give them a reason to purchase a product or service from your business

The customer data that you can leverage and capture by engaging in an SMS Marketing Program that includes click to pay option through a customized payment link in the SMS gives your business insight into what your customers are interested in, how often your customers are shopping with you and the price point they are paying.

SQID Payments has streamlined this process by offering a FREE SMS Marketing Service for their merchants.

How do you make the sales by using SMS Marketing?
• Your customers receive an SMS promotional message with a product or service that you are offering for a price they can’t refuse.
• At the end of the message is a link that is customized for your business, the product or service you are offering and the price.
• Your customer simply clicks on the link and it takes them to your business’ Virtual POS payment page.
• The payment page is pre-populated with the information about the product or service they are purchasing.
• Your customer simply enters their credit card and makes the payment.
• A receipt is then sent to your customer confirming the purchase that they can use to redeem the product or service they have purchased.

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