‘SMS to donate’. It is easy, convenient and secure

SMS Donate

Ever wanted to donate when you see an advertisement or story about a charity or cause you are passionate about?

You see the advertising asking you to ‘call this number now’ or ‘go online to donate’.

You want to but it is time consuming and you put it off till later and then you don’t get around to it?

Sound familiar?

Now you can donate wherever you want and whenever you want with ‘SMS to donate’

‘SMS to donate’ compliments regular fundraising. Using our patented SMS payment technology allows a convenient, secure and simple way for donors to respond to media campaigns in print, TV, radio or outdoor where there is a call to donate.

5 easy steps to donate using ‘SMS to donate’

1. The charity seeking donations simply amends an existing advertisement or includes in a new campaign a line of text in the advertisement. i.e. SMS DONATE to 0448 697 729

2. The donor then sends the SMS message to donate from their credit card. This process is simple, convenient and most importantly secure

3. SQID’s automated system calls the donor’s mobile phone

– The donor enters the amount they wish to give,

– The donor enters a security PIN to authenticate future donations, and enters credit card details for payment, and future donations.

4. A tax receipt is emailed to the donor by SQID Payments on behalf of the charity

5. SQID Payments then passes the customer’s details to the charity’s email and the funds process to the charity’s account within three working days less fees.

What are the advantages with ‘SMS to Donate’?

  • It drives Impulse Donations
  • SMS is proven to be an appealing and instant form of response as it drives impulse donations.
  • There are no Incomplete Donations
  • The donor’s mobile phone number is captured immediately. This means if the donor fails to complete, the client can contact them back.
  • It encourages easy repeat business
  • Once donors have donated the first time, they simply enter their existing SQID Payment Security PIN to approve any future transactions. (SQID Payments has 18,000 plus customers.)
  • There is no need for client based compliance
  • The process is PCI DSS tier 1 compliant, meaning the charity does not need to comply with any banking regulations.
  • A full audit trail provided to the charity
  • The charity receives all customer details immediately upon completion of the transaction via email.
  • The donor can enter a postcode to allocate funds to their local district, where necessary.
  • There is access to the management system
  • The client is provided a secure login to the SQID Payment system and can view, extract (via CSV) and use customer and transaction information as required 24/7.
  • There is no chasing up of donations
  • Funds are deposited to the charity’s nominated bank account in three working or less (less SQID Payment fees).
  • Full reconciliation details are provided daily in spreadsheet form.
  • There are no overheads
  • There are no Capital Expenditure investments.

Who are some charities that have used ‘SMS to Donate’?

Anglicare ACT

                                          Surf Life Saving                                              

Anglicare Winter Appeal


Want to find out more about how this m-commerce solution could work for your charity?

Call us today on (07) 3393 9187 or email us at sales@sqidpayments.com.au to find out how.







  1. R Mackay says:

    I would like to organise for one of your technical pre-sales staff to meet with our development and sales staff regarding SQiD as a potential alternative payments gateway to our existing provider eWay.

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