Making sales using SMS

There is no doubt that mobile and SMS messaging are one of the most dynamic communicators to reach your customers, but how are you converting that reach into actual sales?


5 ways you can start using SMS to make sales


Capture that sale!

Do you have a mobile phone?

This is all you need to start shopping where you see a product that you can buy using an ‘SMS to BUY’ promotion.


Waiting for the bus to arrive?

Bus shelter advertising is …


Create to Donate


SMS to Donate Now

SMS to DONATE makes fundraising easier than ever before! All you need to do is SMS a code to the mobile number listed and SQID Payments will call you back and enable you to complete your donation on your …


What is SMS ‘Top Up’ ?


Why you should consider SMS ‘Top Up’ as a payment solution!

  • No hardware or software needed
  • Higher than industry approved security factor
  • Out of Band opportunity
  • Convenient and easy to implement – Pay anywhere, anytime
  • Trackable user codes
  • Seamless Payments