Thanks for the Merchant Application

WOW that was a marathon effort…..

 …we have your application and it is in safe hands.

Our team will review the information to check that it is all complete and get back to you if you have any questions.

So what happens next….

As you can imagine there are heaps of rules and requirements to wade through and we will handle this for you.  Basically it is the same as opening a bank account, so we need to identify YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.  As part of that process we just sent you an email about ID verification that you will need to respond to before we can begin assessing your application.

You will need to provide information like:

  1. Passport or Driver’s License for the major shareholders and directors.
  2. Some form of address verification for the key people, like a utility bill.
  3. Address verification for the business, like a utility bill or bank statement
  4. Some details of how your business works, including cash flow and business plan.
  5. Business Bank Statements for the bank account you want us to deposit you sales into.

One of the SQID team will contact you as soon as we can…

Kind regards,

The SQID Team