BP-Processing, our solution for online payments and card issuing provides EFTlab’s vision of core modern payments platform. BP-Processing consists of the following products: BP-Auth and BP-Switch.

BP-Processing is a payments ecosphere which is founded on principles of speed, integrity and security ensuring that your customers receive the best experience possible. Consisting of BP-Auth, BP-Switch, BP-Batch and BP-Issuer, BP-Processing provides your business with a core payments platform.


BP-Auth is a suite of flexible and cost-effective card issuing and authorisation products developed by EFTlab and provides these benefits:

BP-Auth Features:
  • Practical and efficient card production
  • Card product authorisaction
  • PIN management
  • PCI:DSS & PA:DSS certified
  • EMV/NFC ready
  • Fast migration option from a variety of well-known authorisation platforms
  • Support for a range of loyalty functions
  • Public SDK to allow you to extend the solution to fullfill your business needs


BP-Switch is a suite of transaction processing modules to provide handling of many different payment methods including (but not restricted to), cash, cards, loyalty and cheques. BP-Switch includes components to manage the integrity and security of transactions.

BP-Switch Features:
  • Support for up-time in excess of 99.999%
  • Industry leading security and hardware security modules (HSM) such as Thales
  • Flexible fees to enable your business to grow
  • Off-the-shelf solutions for Point of Sale, E-Commerce and many common financial network protocols
  • Compliance with latest PCI:DSS and PA:DSS requirements
  • Standard migration tools to speed migration from some well-known payments platforms like the Postilion transaction processing switch and Distra transaction processing switch .
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