SQIDpay 2.0 Easy Payment Integration

1 Generate Token for Payment

Prepare the payment request with all the required data, ensuring the shopper cannot view or alter the data in any manner. This includes data such as your payment credentials, as well as fixed values such as amount and currency. The preparation call is carried out with a simple POST request from the merchants server to the payment server. The JSON response created.

Conduct a server-to-server call and send POST data to the following URL:

  • Live System: https://sqidpay.ctpe.net/frontend/GenerateToken
  • Live System: https://sqidpay.ctpe.net/frontend/GenerateToken


2  Create Payment Form

Once the shopper enters your checkout page all that is required is for you to integrate two lines of code into your HTML page.

  • Load Javascript library with the version, language, and style parameters. Note that you can also add a compressed=false parameter on either system to view human readable form of the javascript and the css.
      Live System: https://sqidpay.ctpe.net/frontend/widget/v4/widget.js;jsessionid={token}?language=en&style=card
      Test System: https://sqidpay.test.ctpe.net/frontend/widget/v4/widget.js;jsessionid={token}?language=en&style=card
      Test System, uncompressed: https://test.ctpe.net/frontend/widget/v4/widget.js;jsessionid={token}?compressed=false&language=en&style=card
  • Place the following form in the area where the shopper is required to choose between brands
    <form action=”{url for redirecting the shopper after the payment}” id=”{token}”>VISA MASTER CHINAUNIONPAY</form>
  • For security reasons, it is important to host your live payment form on an HTTPS page. This will assure buyers of your identity and prevent some browsers from displaying errors.
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