Payment Manager brings Virtual POS to your desktop

  • 4 steps to create sales using Virtual POS

    Payment Manager’s virtual POS now enables you to add or import your customer’s data to send them links to Payment Pages offering specific deals, offers or just the option to pay their account.  See how easy it is to grow your business’ customer retention and loyalty while creating more sales from existing customers. Step 1: Log in … Read More

  • How do I set up recurring payments in Payment Manager – Virtual POS?

    Recurring Payment setup screen This screen is used to setup scheduled recurring payments.  A recurring payment is a scheduled payment that recurs at pre-defined dates and processes payments automatically. The user needs to enter the ‘Amount’, ‘Reference Number’, ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Email’ of the customer. The fields for ‘Amount’, ‘First Name’, … Read More

  • What happens if a transaction fails when using Virtual POS?

    Alerts screen The alerts screen displays all the failed recurring payments whereas the second grid displays all the scheduled recurring where the credit card is about to expire. Failed Recurring Payments When a scheduled recurring payment processes a transaction and it fails for any reason, for example ‘Insufficient Funds’, that scheduled recurring payment is marked … Read More

  • Setting up your own Payment Manager Virtual POS?

    This screen is only available if this feature is enabled for you. If you cannot see these screens please SQID support by lodging a merchant support ticket. The ‘Logo’ section can be used to customise your Payment Manager Virtual POS Logo that appears on the top of every Payment Page.  Merchants can upload their own … Read More

  • How do I view customer transactions in Payment Manager – Virtual POS?

    Customer Transactions screen The customer transactions screen lists all the transactions based on search criteria, including those triggered by scheduled recurring as well as once-off.  The difference between a scheduled recurring payment and a transaction is that the transaction is created only when a payment is processed. For example, trying to charge a customer’s credit … Read More

  • How do I use Virtual POS?

    Video instructions for how to use Payment Manager Virtual POS Login page Open the web browser and open the link to Payment Manager.  After entering your username and password in the appropriate textboxes you can login into the system by clicking on the Login button as shown above. Alternatively you can login into the system by … Read More

  • Customers not paying invoices promptly?

    Do you find that customers delay paying you? SQID Payments has introduced ‘Payment Pages’ to ensure that your customers can now pay when they receive your invoice in their inbox. This reduces customer friction that may deter them from paying in a timely manner. How does Payment Manager – Payment Pages work: You create a Payment … Read More

  • How to accept Mobile Payment on your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop

    Do you want to accept mobile payments to process credit cards but don’t want the overheads of physical terminals, set up fees and monthly fees? The most cost effective way to do this is to engage a Virtual Payment Gateway that specialized in Virtual POS ‘card not present’ transactions. What does that mean I hear … Read More

  • What is Virtual POS?

    Virtual POS is a user friendly interface that can be used by a merchant or sub-merchant to: Process transactions Setup recurring payments Manage transactions Set and manage recurring payments Manage alerts Change merchant details Provide a comprehensive reporting admin interface Deliver next day settlements into your nominated bank account See how Virtual POS works on … Read More