4 steps to create sales using Payment Pages

Payment Manager enables you to add or import your customer’s data to send them links to Payment Pages offering specific deals, offers or just the option to pay their account.  See how easy it is to grow your business’ customer retention and loyalty while creating more sales from existing customers.

Step 1: Log in to Payment Manager

1. Open your web browser and open the link https://pm.sqidpay.com.
2. After entering your username and password in the appropriate textboxes you can login.
3. Select Payment Pages in the side menu.

Step 2: Choosing the Bill Clients on your side menu and loading customer data


1. After successful Login and choosing Payment PagesBill Clients you will be presented with the above screen.
2. On the top of the page there are various menu items namely ‘Add‘ – to add a unique entry, ‘Txn Import‘ – to search for an existing customer and ‘Template Import‘ – to import a batch of customers.  The ‘Template Download‘ button gives you the template for the batch import format.

Step 3: Choose from your Payment Page library

1. Once you have added your list of target customers choose from the list of Payment Pages you have already created
2. Decide if you want to send SMS (must have valid Australian mobile numbers) or email (must have valid email format).

Step 4: Create your message for SMS or email

1. Enter an SMS from text or mobile number (if you want to receive replies you must use a valid Australian mobile) and for email enter a Subject line and ‘from’ address to receive replies.
2. Type your sales offer or marketing message in the panel on the page using the merge tag buttons to insert merge tags where required.
3. When the customer receives the SMS or email they can click on the link to the Payment Page and purchase the offer
encouraging customer loyalty and retention.

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