Customers not paying invoices promptly?

Do you find that customers delay paying you?

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SQID Payments has introduced ‘Payment Pages’ to ensure that your customers can now pay when they receive your invoice in their inbox. This reduces customer friction that may deter them from paying in a timely manner.

How does Payment Manager – Payment Pages work:

  • You create a Payment Page in Payment Manager
  • Your customers receive your invoice via email or SMS
  • The invoice contains a unique reference link that identifies their payment
  • The customer simply clicks the link and is sent to your Payment Manager Payment Page where they make the payment using the information outlined in the invoice
  • The customer receives a receipt for their records and the business has access to real time reporting that shows that the payment has been made, when it has been made and for what amount.

SQID Payments has streamlined this payment process to encourage your customers to pay promptly.  You may want to encourage and establish this as a habit by the offering a % discount if your customers pay now or loyalty points awarded that can be redeemed for prompt payment. Invest in your customers at this point and you will save dollars now spent on chasing overdue accounts.

Why continue to be challenged by cash flow that is inhibited by slow customer payments when the solution is so easy to implement and manage?

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