How do I set up subscription based payments in Payment Manager – Virtual POS?

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Subscription Based Payment setup screen

This screen is used to setup scheduled payments.  A subscription based payment is a scheduled payment that recurs at pre-defined dates and processes payments automatically.

The user needs to enter the ‘Amount’, ‘Reference Number’, ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘Email’ of the customer.

The fields for ‘Amount’, ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Mobile Number’ are compulsory. If the customer’s mobile number is not available use 0412345678 as the default number.

In addition to the above, the frequency of when the transaction should recur should also be set. By default it is set to start from the current date every 1 month.

If the transaction is set to start from current date the customer will be charged straight away. For example, in the above screen if today is the 17th, the customer’s card will be charged straight away as well as on every 17th of each month.

There are various options which can help you manage the frequency of the subscribed payment. There are three columns in Figure 6 above. The left most column allows to select whether the transaction should recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.   Selecting one of these options affect the middle column which allows the user to specify exactly when the payment should recur (Every Monday, Third Monday of every 3 months, etc.).   The far right (last) column allows you to specify when the subscription of the payment stops.   For example, No End Date (Never Stop), End after X (Payments will stop at the end of the X number of payments) or End By (End on a specific date).

Once all the details have been filled in, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Once your transaction has been processed you will be presented with the Receipt page clearly stating the transaction outcome (Successful / Failed) if the customer was charged (i.e. if the payment started today). Otherwise the screen will say that the Setup was successful.

The customer will get an SMS confirmation of the payment if a valid mobile number is entered.  Please note charges apply for this service.

If a valid email is entered the customer will receive an email receipt for the transaction, if the transaction was successful.  This will apply to each subscribed payment.

Subscription based Payment setup success screen

How do I view subscribed payments in Virtual POS?

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Subscription based Payment view screen

This screen is used to view scheduled payments and gives an insight into when a payment was setup, when the last payment was made against a scheduled payment, etc.  Each component is explained below.

Subscribed payments can be searched based on a variety of options. The dropdown button enables the user to select the search criteria based on ‘Next payment’, ‘Last payment’, ‘Created’, ‘Expiry’, ‘FirstName’, ‘Surname’, ‘CardFirstFour’ and ‘CardLastFour’.

Once a search criteria has been selected and appropriate search string has been entered (in the above example ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ are the search strings) click on the ‘Show Payments’ button. This will display all the scheduled payments matching the search criteria and list them in a grid

The ‘Next Payment’ column in the grid shows when the next payment (actual transaction) will be processed. The ‘Amount’ column displays the amount the customer will be charged each time the scheduled  payment runs, ‘Last Payment’ helps  determine the date the last payment was taken out, ‘Expiry’ column displays the date the scheduled payment will end, the ‘Description’ column shows the frequency, ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ will display the name of the customer, ‘Message’ column displays why a payment failed (if payment did not fail this will be empty), ‘Created’ column will display when the scheduled payment was created, ‘CardNumber’ field displays the first four and last four digits of the credit card associated with the scheduled payment.

The ‘Status’ column has a button which enables to change the status of a scheduled payment. A payment will be processed against a scheduled payment only if it is ‘Active’. As soon as a payment fails against a scheduled payment, it will be marked as ‘Inactive’ automatically.

If a scheduled payment needs to be removed from the system the ‘Delete’ button can be used. This will NOT delete any record of previous payments processed against the credit card attached to the scheduled payment.

If a credit card needs to be updated it can be done using the ‘Update Card’ button. Future scheduled payments will be processed against the updated credit card details.

Within the grid use the ‘Search’ field on the top right corner to filter the records in the grid. For example to filter the records to show only those where the word ‘test’ appears type ‘test’ (without quotes) in the search box.

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