How do I view customer transactions in Payment Manager – Virtual POS?

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Customer Transactions screen

The customer transactions screen lists all the transactions based on search criteria, including those triggered by scheduled payments as well as once-off.  The difference between a scheduled subscription based payment and a transaction is that the transaction is created only when a payment is processed.

For example, trying to charge a customer’s credit card creates a transaction where the transaction outcome can be approved or declined.  Scheduled payments on the other hand generates transactions based on the pre-defined frequency and tries to process payment for those transactions

The transactions can be searched based on variety of options. The dropdown enables the user to select the transaction search criteria based on ‘Transaction Date’, ‘FirstName’, ‘LastName’, Reference’, ‘CardFirstFour’, ‘CardLastFour’, ‘Mobile Number’ and ‘ReceiptID’.

Once a search criteria has been selected and appropriate search string has been entered (in the above example ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ are the search strings) click on the ‘Search’ button. This will return all the transactions matching the search criteria and list them in a grid.

The ReceiptID column in the grid shows the ‘ReceiptID’ of the receipt that gets sent to the customer’s email address (if provided), the ‘First Name’ and the ‘Last Name’ column display the customer’s name, the ‘CardNumber’ column display the first four and last four digits of the credit card that was used to process the transaction, the ‘Status’ column displays the transaction outcome for example ‘Declined’, ‘Approved’ or ‘Refunded’, the ‘Amount’ column shows the transaction amount, the ‘Date’ column shows the date the transaction was processed, the ‘Refund’ column is used to refund a payment back to the customer. The Refund column will only have the ‘Refund’ button next to it if the transaction status is ‘Approved’. As soon as the refund is performed the transaction status changes to ‘Refunded’.

To search within the grid use the search field in the top left of the grid to filter the records in the grid. For example to filter the records to show only those where the word ‘Denise’ appears type ‘Denise’ (without quotes) in the search box.

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